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Not only will I personally make the effort to get you the best possible investment, but I do it all with a single credit check. All this comes at no cost to you!

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My name is Maria Manitowich, mortgage broker at Dominion Lending in Thunder Bay, ON, and I’m looking forward to helping you take this important step towards your future. My passion lies in real-estate, and there is no greater feeling to me than helping young people become homeowners. As a mortgage broker, my job is to shop the lenders for you to find the best rate. While banks are able to offer you only their own rates and options, a mortgage broker can choose from a variety of banks, credit unions, trust companies and financial institutions. Not only will I personally make the effort to get you the best possible investment, but I do it all with a single credit check. Best of all, all this comes at no cost to you! Other than in the unlikely event that there are further complications, my products themselves do not cost you anything. If you’re interested, check out my article on how mortgages work to learn more.

Why Choose a Mortgage Broker?

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Down Payment

A down payment typically ranges from 5-10% of the total mortgage amount. First time homebuyers can expect to pay 5% usually.

Credit History

Credit rating is very important when dealing with lenders, a minimum score of 600 is recommended when applying. Read More


Assets are investments, savings accounts and properties you own without mortgages against them.


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